-- Discover ! --

Soul Thief is a fully fledged RPG ! You'll get to collect items, solve mysteries, meet new people and more importantly... Discover the truth about yourself. Your journey begins when you wake up in a monster's body with no memories whatsoever. Trying to recover from your amnesia, you'll look for your original body, hoping you can re-fuse your Soul with it. However, your problems are much deeper than it seems...

-- Fight ! --

Monsters are everywhere ! Even though you're a magical creature yourself you have a human Soul. Unfortunately for you, other monsters don't and that's why they consider you as an enemy. But don't worry, you have access to a wide arsenal of swords, potions and magical ores that you can infuse in your weapons to upgrade them. And remember, only the fittest shall survive.

-- Overcome ! --

The world you will evolve in is no other than the vast archipelago of Oforia. Your adventure will lead you to explore diversified landscapes ranging from freezing plains to the heart of blazing volcanoes. All the cities are linked to each other by natural paths, where monsters are not the only threat : platforming obstacles and puzzles are also part of the challenge with their load of secrets. Can you find every hidden chest ?

Demo Available

You can play a demo of Soul Thief for free